„English for Business“ goes London

On Thursday, 9th February at 10:30 pm our “English for Business” course (33students, Ms Wetter and Mr Scholz) met at the central bus station in Hemer. After a long journey to Calais, a ferry crossing and another two hour ride we left the bus near London Tower.
“At first we did some sightseeing together. We walked to the Tower Bridge and there we took a photo of our complete course.”

“After this we walked to St. Paul´s Cathedral, a very big and historic church, and we took some photos.”
“The next sight we walked to was Millenium Bridge, featured in one of the Harry Potter films.”
After that the students could explore London in small groups.
“My friends and I went to the London Eye – a great experience!”
“Our little group first walked to the Houses of Parliament and took some funny photos in front of Big Ben.”
“We were a bit sad because it was cold, foggy and rainy, but after seeing all the sights we forgot the weather. We bought a tube-ticket to Buckingham Palace to visit it – it´s really big and it´s the first palace I´ve ever seen.”
“We also went to the Hard Rock Cafe and I bought a jumper. After that we took the tube to King´s Cross and found platform 9 ¾ , we also went into the Harry Potter shop.”
“Seriously, we got lost every five metres, it took us so long to get to Oxford Street, but we did it!”
“Last but not least we walked through Oxford Street with its many beautiful, famous and unknown shops. At 6 pm we had to take the tube back to Tower Hill, where we met our teachers and the other students.”
After a long journey back we arrived in Hemer on Saturday morning, tired but “... it was a trip with lots of new impressions, ... all in all it was a wonderful experience.”

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